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Clay Class-Arcadia

If I am working with children of six or older who have never made three-dimensional artwork, I find it helpful to have them start with a simple sculpture that can be formed in their hands without setting the clay on the table as they work. Using a comfortably sized lump of soft clay, they are encouraged to keep turning it in their hands so they can see it from every direction as they work. Younger children will generally need to make sculpture by the "synthetic" method of sticking lots of pieces together like bodies, legs, tail and head. Three-dimensional quality comes naturally for these children. I sometimes simply have them turn the piece around. Turn it upside down to check the bottom, and so on. Arcadia location Sunday class are all Full. Thursday 5:30-7:00pm still available. Arcadia 地區感謝大家的支持星期天己全滿,星期四 5:30-7:00還有位子要快哦


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