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Figure Drawing and Drawing Ballet Dancers in Motion

Our Irvine Campus recently hosted two special events; a workshop on figure drawing and another workshop that involved drawing figures in motion –– a real challenge for any artist, no matter how experienced! We can report with pride that both events were a success.



Drawing the ballet class was a wonderful experience that really pushed the students (and the teachers!) to the max. We were working just as hard as the dancers were, our pencils flying across the page, to try and capture the dynamic motion of the class. Most students had already participated in the previous day’s traditional figure drawing class, so they were prepared, having already made a study of human proportions and experienced quick gesture drawings (some as fast as one minute). This was something else entirely –– within a flash of seconds, we had to capture the main gesture of such wonderfully complex poses. It really kept us on our toes! At the end, we assembled chalk pastel drawings, based on our observations. The model for this was, of course, Degas’ elegant artworks from the late 1800’s.