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US Arts 1

Come to join "Head & Hands" and ""Figure Invention" Workshops

Head & Hands Workshop: Level 1
You will learn Head and Hands Construction, Proportions and basic light/ shadow application. Welcome to registration!

Date: Mar 19- April 23. (Every Saturday, 6 Classes)
Time:2:00-6:00 p.m. (4 hrs./class)
Location: Rowland Hts Location
Figure Invention Workshop:Introduction Level
You will learn Figure Drawing Principles, including gesture and movement, figure proportions, and basic head & hand construction, Welcome to registration!

Date: April 3-May 8. (Every Sunday, 6 Classes)
Time: 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. (4 hrs./class)
Location: Diamond Bar Location

*Pre-requisite: Student ages 12+ with basic perspective concept & drawing skills.

2016 HH

2016 Figure poster 229.

US Arts 1

2016 U.S. Arts & Design New Year Events-嚐年糕、畫新年/吃湯圓 繪燈籠

U.S. Arts & Design 2016新春活動


Kids came and learned about the Chinese New Year and lantern Festival. 

2016 new year 2

2016 new year

2016 new year 3

2016 new year 4

US Arts 1

2016 JMAP guest artist workshop/ Media Experimentation: Ink-Resist

本次的特別課程講座,U.S. Arts邀請藝術家Richard Kamimura為學生介紹概念藝術及綜合媒材的運用。Richard Kamimurag在Platt 學院教授平面設計與插畫,他擅長運用插畫、攝影、電腦繪圖合成平面設計,作品被廣泛運用在各種專業的展覽會場。本次的活動讓小朋友進一步了解他們平時較難接觸到的電腦及攝影合成,同時也親自體驗了特殊墨水的繪畫效果。

U.S. Arts had a workshop for our JMAP special-program students. School invited guest artist, Richard Kamimura to introduce concept art and mixed media. Richard Kamimura has been an instructor at Platt College located in Ontario, California. He has also been instructing concept illustration, typography, portfolio and matte such as Wondercon and DesignerCon.
Students learned knowledge about computer-aided design, and had real experience for media experimentation: ink-resist.







Animation Workshop with Visiting Artist, Ivan Mendoza

US Arts Irvine campus recently had a workshop conducted by visiting artist, Ivan Mendoza, who led our JMAP students though the some of the steps involved in making modern animation. Mr. Mendoza works at Warner Bros. Animation, so he’s definitely an authority on cutting edge animation techniques! His impressive background includes work on “Ren & Stimpy” and “Adult Swim”. He’s currently working on a project coming out in June, where he does character design on a demanding timeline, with weekly deadlines.

Ivan Mendoza told the audience that his love of animation goes back to when he was a young child, in the Philippines, where he actually taught himself English by watching cartoons! His lesson included emphasizing the importance of easily recognizable silhouettes, and the basic composition principles can be reduced to the simple shapes of triangles, squares, and circles. Kids then chose a character to design from a selection of fables, and Mr. Mendoza instructed them on how to create a professional-level character design. Kids voted on which designs they liked best, and Mr. Mendoza gave prizes: three of his framed sketches! Regardless of who won these original artworks, all kids got to take home a poster-print of his drawings. Thanks to Ivan Mendoza, and all the wonderful staff who made it such a special day!