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U.S. Arts


一提到繪畫 你想到的是否就是一個像照片的圖片呢? 學美術 不可少的就是素描 但是素描只是一個技術 U.S. Arts and Design 的課程更要教孩子的技能 如何把自己的想法表現出來 脫穎而出 一個簡單的物件讓你想到了什麼呢? 以下的作品是1月2018 U.S. Arts 6~10歲 的學生實際寫生加想像力的作品. 給孩子們個like 吧. 626-269-2660 免費試課 When we talk about drawing, do you think of an image that resemble a photo? Sketching is an important skill to learn. However, we want our students to learn more than just techniques. We design our classes for them to also express themselves and show their individuality What do you see through this simple object? 626-269-2669 call for free tryout class.