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POSITION TITLE: Art Teacher             

POSITION DUTIES:             

A. Teach visual art classes to age 4-8 (K-3) students (60% of the time) 1) Establish yearly lesson plans and design attractive projects and activities.  2) Prepare teaching materials, such as artists’ pictures, project samples, handouts, and homework.  3)Adapt teaching methods to motivate students engagement in the learning process, such as demonstration of artist’s biographies, video, lecture, group projects, and art competitions, etc. 4) Teach, explain and demonstrate artistic techniques and skills to students through drawing, painting, and crafting.  5) Provide customized instruction to better understand the interests and performance of each student and help them develop an aesthetic opinion and creative thinking. 6) Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions. 7) Instruct and encourage students to describe their own work and comment on the works of others.  8) Evaluate student class performance and behavior via comments/feedback in the weekly activity book. 9) Manage student classroom behavior by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures. 10) Maintain student attendance and make individual files; update all necessary records accurately and completely as required by school regulations.  11) Evaluate and improve project and time management based on student’s actual activities and work results.


 B. Teaching-relation coordination (30% of the time) 1) Meet with parents and guardians regularly to discuss their children’s progress and establish cooperative support for improvement. 2) Plan yearly parent conference and/or open house (exhibition) to display student artworks.3) Meet with other teachers to review and discuss yearly curriculum or improve existing courses.  4) Observe the performance of new instructors. Develop recommendations and give suggestions. 5) Schedule and supervise school events.  Discuss with staff, teachers, or guest artists events and workshops, such as craft workshops, printmaking workshops, and a summer course.  Arrange holiday activities like Chinese New Year Events, Lantern Festival, and Halloween Parties.


C. Provide school administrative support and enrollment work (10% of the time) 1) Update school information and events, write articles about art, and advertise on the social media (Facebook, blog, and WeChat).  2) Design posters and fliers and advertisements on print media for student recruitment. 3) Communicate with new customers, explain school’s teaching philosophy via in-person meeting, advertised articles or telephone. 4) Support and participate in student recruitment events.


REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Art/Art Education required.  Able to speak and write Mandarin Chinese.

RATE OF PAY:  $36,400/yr (Employer will pay or exceed the prevailing wage as determined by the U.S. Department of Labor)

HOURS:  Wed – Sunday 25 hours/week (Must work on the weekend)


EMPLOYMENT:  17412-B Colima Road, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

CONTACT PERSON: Rosa Chang             


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