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About Us


U.S. Arts Center / U.S. Art and Design is one of the top professional art institutions in Southern California. The first school was started in Rowland Heights, CA in 2000. Demand quickly increased, and our next expansion resulted with a school in Rowland Heights, Irvine, Arcadia and Diamond Bar. Our schools have been here more than 10 years, and more than 1000 students have participated in our programs.


All levels of learning at U.S. Arts and Design incorporate Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence.  The Multiple Intelligence Quotient supports the idea that students can show exceptional aptitude in a specific “modality.”  There are eight intelligences in MIQ theory and our creative and engaging lessons are built to harness these varied methods of learning.  MIQ theory is incorporated in all our art lessons.  We wish to explore the varied ways of learning our students bring to the table and our faculty and staff are trained to address their individual needs.


Art is for everyone to experience, enjoy, own, and create.

We know that art plays a vital role in molding a child's thought process and helps to bring out their innermost ideas. Art is a perfect way for children to express their creativity and imagination. Therefore, our focus is deeply rooted in the process of inspiring children and creating a limitless, fostering environment for our young artists.


Appreciating Art, not Judging Art

The process of art creation refines one's thoughts and feelings. Very often, people judge a piece of art based on techniques and skills used by the artist. However, a beautiful piece of art is a result of the right attitude, patience, and passion. We work hard to teach the techniques that allow our artists to express their ideas into their work.


Every child is special

Each child is beautiful in different ways and must be guided according to his/her individual needs. Inappropriate approaches not only stifle creativity but also kill interest. Our professionally trained teachers are trained to discover each child's talents and feed them with encouragement and warmth.




USAD Irvine Center

Founders: Mr. Jianmin ZHAO & Mrs. Rosa CHANG

Innovator of MIQ Art Class, Peter CHANG





A break from the pressures of fast-paced society

In this highly competitive and demanding world, children and adults are often overwhelmed by hectic schedules. Learning art provides an outlet for self-expression and helps provide a balance between mental and emotional development.

Get the quality art education that your children may not be receiving from Public schools

It is no secret that art education in our public schools is not receiving the same emphasis as it had before. Has art become less important? Definitely not. Art is everywhere in all things, yet we have forgotten that art is part of what makes each person unique. Our schools provide the atmosphere where individuals can once again be individuals, and differences are celebrated.

Our motive is a simple one

We believe that through art people can view interpret our world with new creativity. We work extremely hard to insure the quality of our education and know that the minds that we touch will have a chance to touch the world in the future. We welcome you to try out a class with us take your first steps into a world opened through the eyes of art.